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The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started ... Mark Twain

My name isĀ Tarun Chandra, and I am the Founder andĀ Editor of the newsletter service. TheĀ objective is toĀ empower DIY and millennial investors with portfolio products that aim toĀ outperform the market consistently over a period of time by leveraging quantitative techniques and system-driven investing.

Graycell Advisors is a publisher of stock newsletters. We presently have 3 services - Prudent Small Cap, Prudent Biotech, and Prudent Healthcare, and more can be learned here.

As someone who has worked as an Analyst on Wall Street for many years, and on Main Street inĀ Corporate Strategy and Finance roles at technology services companies, IĀ understand the mechanics of investing and corporate performance. I've been building quantitative models for many years focusing on different sectors and segments of the market including Small, Mid and Large caps, and S&P 500 companies. My academic graduate background is in Finance, as well as in Systems Analysis & Design.

A more sit back and read kind of background story is presented in the section on Systematic Investing.

If you subscribe to the newsletters, I hope we are able to contribute to your investment objectives and build investmentĀ wealth over time.

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