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Biotech Bonanza: The Next Leg Up!

FDA’s new focus on accelerating drug approvals creates a valuation enhancing environment Sentiment change with the approval of innovative life-saving drug class targeting cancer Earnings season to provide the ramp for further gains Recent Federal Reserve possibility of a policy reset preserves the overall favorable environment Biggest risks are the various Presidential controversies and long-term…

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Biotech Stocks Best Chance for Breakout, Gets Even Better!

June 21, 2017 An Executive Order expected to be issued shortly clarifying health care policy. The measures outlined are expected to be industry-friendly. Price negotiation for Medicare is not on the table, thus removing a big burden on valuations. The Executive Order will prove to be a major tonic for biotechnology. Clinical breakthroughs and easing…

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Biotech’s Best Chance!

June 8, 2017 A possible “Comey Rally” Favorable market environment for Biotechs Positive news flow from ASCO Potential catalysts – M&A, broader market advance, and health care policy clarity   Biotechnology sector has flirted with new 52-week highs multiple times this year, only to retreat. The sector, as represented by the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index ETF…

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Biotech Stocks – Approaching An Inflection Point

Biotechs are performing well this year even in an uncertain environment. Policy clarity is important and we may be approaching an inflection point. A favorable backdrop for biotech stocks to push higher. Investors should maintain some exposure to this volatile but promising sector in 2017.   Over the past month, the focus of the lawmakers…

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Prudent Biotechnology

Positives and Momentum Build for Biotechnology!

March 14, 1017 Trump nominates Scott Gottlieb for FDA Commissioner Appears to settle debate on regulation gutting vs streamlining. Medicare pricing negotiation appears to be not on the table. Big positives for the biotechnology sector     A new leader and, we believe, approaching clarity on Medicare pricing negotiations are two strong positives for the…

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Prudent Biotech

Biotech Bonanza: Breaking New Ground!

March 06, 2017 Biotechnology sector finally recorded a 52-week high, lagging the broader market by 8-months Early stages of the rally, with multiple reasons to drive further highs in the months ahead. Key drivers appear to be improving. Exposure to the sector becomes important to outperform the broader market. Biotechnology has started off the year…

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Biotechnology: Ready for New Highs!

February 09, 2017 Biotechs and pharmas remain under the cloud of uncertain policy But recent developments increase confidence on the regulatory front Sufficient biotech sector drivers now exist to create momentum for a breakout Biotech to make 52-weeks highs in the first quarter and deliver further gains beyond     After an extended period of…

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Prudent Biotech

Biotechnology: Can Trump Be A Catalyst For M&A?

January 24, 2017 Trump indicts the industry on “getting away with murder.” Pharmaceutical industry shows early signs of a shift towards self-regulation. Innovation can be spurred by acquisitions. Trump’s activism can perhaps be helpful to the Biotechnology Sector. President Donald Trump had made his intention clear in a Time magazine interview in December 2016, mentioning…

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Biotechnology Stocks - Prudent Biotech

Biotechnology: Is 2017 A Bonanza Year?

January 11, 2017 Biotechnology sector was one of the worst performing sectors in 2016. Political uncertainty has diminished but is still impairing investor confidence Signs are present for the sector to breakout this year. M&A can catalyze momentum and improve investor confidence.   The Biotechnology sector was one of the weakest performers in the stock market…

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Healthcare Executives Are The Highest Paid

January 10, 2017 The Biotechnology sector’s investment performance suffered last year with an over -21% decline. But don’t let that dissuade you from joining drugmaker companies. According to a recent Bloomberg Pay Index, which ranks executives based on awarded compensation, executives at healthcare and pharmaceuticals reaped the highest pay packages. Here’s an interesting graphic which distributes…

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Prudent Biotech - Biotechnology: Entering A Pocket Of Turbulence

Biotechnology Stocks Struck By Bolt From Trump Tower

December 08, 2017 The pharmaceuticals and biotechnology stocks retreated sharply today, as Trump was quoted in a Time magazine “Person of the Year” article as being upset about the high drug prices and doing something about them.   The Biotechnology index represented by large-cap focused IBB shrank 3%, and the midcap/smallcap focused XBI retreated 4% for…

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Biotech Bonanza – 5 Reasons For Biotech Stocks To Shine

The pendulum has swung in the other direction, and Biotechnology is poised to become a leading sector heading into 2017 The diminished risk of policy uncertainty positions the biotech sector at an advantage compared to many other sectors and the broader market Strong uptick in risk appetite creates opportunity for further strong gains in smallcaps and…

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Biotech Stocks Overreact, Fearing An Election “Sweep”

Sharp decline in Biotech Stocks last week was a reaction to political winds. Biotechs fear an election sweep giving control of Congress and White House to a single-party. We believe control of Congress will be retained by incumbent party or at worst split evenly. Overreaction to a low probability outcome creates a buying opportunity Biotech…

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Yellen & Clinton Combo To Take Stock Market Higher

SEPTEMBER 29, 2016 Chair Janet Yellen delivers an unchanged monetary policy soothing the market. Hillary Clinton appears to regain her footing in the presidential elections soothing global markets. Technology earnings to be strong and supportive of market valuations, boding well for Nasdaq. Biotechnology breaks higher as M&A activity rises The market trend remains higher. THIS…

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Graycell Advisors - Biotechnology

Biotech Stocks: No Easy Way Out, But Almost There!

SEPTEMBER 15, 2016 Difficult year for Biotech stocks so far with the sector down -17% YTD Fundamentally the biotech sector is gaining strength Meaningful policy clarity to be achieved in 6-weeks based on election outcome Biotechnology is positioned to have a strong fourth quarter if election outcome is sector-favorable The biotech stocks have been facing an uphill task…

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Is Biotechnology Finally Ready To Move Higher?

JULY 25, 2016 Broader market rally to new highs has raised the probability of a Biotechnology breakout. After a nearly 6-month trading range consolidation, the sector appears poised to make an attempt towards new YTD highs. Earnings season can be the catalyst to push the sector higher and past its previous high-point. If no adverse…

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IBB YoYo - Prudent Biotech - Graycell Advisors

Biotechnology – The Perfect Yo-Yo

JULY 06, 2016 The Biotechnology Sector Has Been Range-bound this year. Conditions for a move higher were optimal, till Brexit happened. The generally positive stock market backdrop can help the sector climb higher, but there is more work to be done.   The Biotechnology or Biotech sector continues to struggle with its personal bear market,…

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Brexit Doesn’t Mean An Exit On Stocks

June 30, 2016 One thing that became certain after the British referendum favoring an Exit from the Eurozone, popularly referred to as Brexit for “British Exit,” is a shifting of the timeline for Federal Reserve’s potential interest rate increases. The July increase is most likely off the table, and also now potentially one increase, down…

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Prudent Biotech - Clearer Skies

Biotechnology: Clearer Skies, Ready To Move Higher

JUNE 03, 2016 The biotech sector is well-positioned to move higher now than at any other time this year Consolidation activity has begin to forcefully rise which has spurred investor interest Sector sentiment has improved as well, and should be further helped by the ongoing ASCO conference Investors should consider assuming and raising their exposure…

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Lightning on Biotech Sector - Prudent Biotech

Biotechnology: Entering A Pocket Of Turbulence

The biotechnology sector performed strongly during March and April. Some sector-specific and market-related factors are clouding the positive narrative of the Biotechnology sector. Even though near-term caution is advisable, we anticipate these clouds to be transient and things to become clearer as the month passes. The biotechnology or biotech sector, represented by ETF IBB which…

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