Second Half Outlook For Biotech Stocks

Biotech stocks faced challenges in the first half of the year, with the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index losing 3%, compared to strong advances in the broader market.The direction of the 10-year
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Biotech Stocks Second Quarter Outlook

Biotech stocks have been consolidating recently but may be ready to rally higher due to factors such as a declining 10-year yield and growing M&A activity.Biotech deal-making has been increasing,
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Healthcare Outlook 2023

Healthcare significantly outperformed the broader market last year, after two years of underperforming the S&P 500.When the end to restrictive policy is in sight, then the sector is likely to
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Healthcare Remains Steady As Market Approaches A Key Level

Healthcare Remains Steady As Market Approaches A Key LevelThe market is approaching a key technical level.Healthcare has relatively outperformed the market and has been consolidating.Biotechs found a bottom and are

What’s Next For Biotech And Healthcare

Biotechs have sold off this year along with the broader market. Declines have been more pronounced than prior pullbacks. However, healthcare continues to outperform.Federal Reserve's interest rate policy will continue
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The Curious Case Of Cassava Sciences

Cassava Sciences has encountered serious allegations in the citizen's petition and other discrepancies that were subsequently uncovered.The allegations do not provide a concrete and relevant connection to data manipulation.FDA will ~ Brain ~ Getty Images

Prothena: Well-Positioned In
Parkinson’s And Alzheimer’s

Prothena has developed broad expertise in removing plaques across different pathologies.FDA's acceptance of amyloid plaque reduction as a sufficient secondary endpoint for an accelerated approval de-risks multiple smallcap biotechs and ~ Cell

Biotechs Ready To Roar

Biotechs are ready to march forcefully higher after a lengthy consolidation.Approval of Biogen's Alzheimer's treatment delivers a bonanza for neurodegenerative-focused companies and the overall biotech sectorThe lower bar set for ~ Healthcare and Bear Market

Healthcare Is Ready To Lead In 2021

Healthcare lagged the broader market last year, but that can change this year.A cyclical upturn as the pandemic abates and pent-up demand can boost healthcare.Best positioned are industry groups within
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Healthcare And Biotech Outlook -Final Quarter of 2020

As the pandemic resurges, early vaccine trials are reaching the home stretch.Vaccine results now pushed back to mid-to-late November at the earliest, and there have been delays in therapeutic treatments.Healthcare ~ Healthcare and Bear Market

Biotech Bonanza – Second Half Outlook 2020

Biotech is one of the rare industries whose prospects have improved as the year has progressed.A low interest rate environment, a less hostile regulatory environment, and strong investor interest creates
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Biotech’s Golden Moment

Biotechs are not as broadly and deeply affected by COVID-19 disruption and now lead the market as the economy begins the recovery process.Healthcare has attracted growing investor interest due to ~ Covid-19 Virus

Biotech Melt-up

A high daily death toll suggests a much more careful and measured reopening of the economy will be possible, not a quick-paced one.The pandemic thrusts the biotechnology and the pharmaceutical ~ Healthcare and Bear Market

Healthcare In A Bear Market

Stocks plunge into a bear market as the viral outbreak threatens to devastate the economy.Healthcare has performed relatively better than the broader market which already has plunged over 30%.The healthcare ~ NYSE

What’s Ahead For The Stock Market

The viral outbreak is forcing the market to price a recession, although most likely it will be a transitory first-half slowdown.The US may be less prepared for the outbreak as
Medicare for All

Biotechs Feel The Bern

 Healthcare is entering a period where election cycle impact will grow. The Medicare for All healthcare plan will begin to get factored based on the success of the proponents in the created image of Biotech 2020 outlook

Biotech Bonanza: 2020 Outlook In An Election Year

Biotechs closed out 2019 on a strong note with the fourth quarter providing the longest sustained rally of the entire year.  Favorable regulatory shifting, a timely ramp-up in M&A, FDA approvals, ~ Neurology

4 Biotech Stocks In Neurology As Biotechs March On

Biotechs have been rejuvenated by a dose of M&A and near-term regulatory deflection After significantly lagging the broader market, biotech is steadily making progress Regulatory concerns remain
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Healthcare On The March

Last week, the enormity of the risk for healthcare diminished and investors reacted favorably.Healthcare lags the broader market quite significantly, and specifically, biotechs and pharmaceuticals lag even more so.We continue
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4 RNA Therapy Stocks For A Biotech Portfolio

Biotech stocks have turned the corner, moving forcefully higher, but they still have a long way to go after deeply lagging the market.The overarching systemic risk of a growing shift ~ DNA Strand Biotech Stocks

Biotech Stocks Getting Ready To Explode

A dollar invested in a biotech index in 2015 would still remain a dollar in 2019 as the biotech group has been tracking sideways for 4 years.Two overarching risks have ~ Gene Therapy

3 Gene Therapy Stocks

Biotech stocks and the broader healthcare sector remain under pressure.Promising opportunities exist in the small-cap and mid-cap segments.Gene therapy remains the emerging scientific frontier in biotech.3 promising small-cap gene therapy ~ Alzheimer

Biotech M&A Theme Builds Momentum

Biotech transaction activity continues to be sustained and well ahead of last year. Recent industry survey indicates a strong expectation by industry insiders of future biotech M&A transactions. A ~ Biotech Stocks

Biotech Bonanza: The M&A Theme

Biotechs have led the V-shaped market decline and recovery over the past 2 months A rise in M&A activity after a moribund 2018 has helped the sector to recover faster ~ DNA Strand - Biotech Stocks

A Migrating Biotech Bear

Biotech sector achieves the dubious distinction of being amongst the first to slip over the Bear market threshold. Nonetheless, this should be a transitory bear market for biotechs, as ~ Car T and Cancer Cells

Biotech Stocks Bloodied But Can Now Drive M&A

The biotech stocks plunge along with the broader market, as the smallcap and midcap biotech stocks retreat -17%. The larger cap biotechs and pharmaceutical companies are performing relatively much better. The ~ Biotech Stocks

The Biotech Conundrum!

Biotech stocks are performing well with double-digit gains for key indexes so far in 2018. Nonetheless, the biotech stock index returns do not appear to be favorable to the ~ Beta Amyloid Plaque and Abnormal Tau Protein in Brain

Biotech Stocks: Tariff Safe And Building Momentum

The Nasdaq Biotechnology Index is poised to make a 52-week high and most likely an all-time high shortly thereafter. Biotech stocks are more insulated from the biggest concern for the market ~ Biotech Stocks

Biotech Stocks Approaching New Waters

Biotech stocks are approaching highs achieved in 2015, as reflected by the Nasdaq Biotech Index. New science is opening up great opportunities with boundless potential. The biotech sector also ~ Biotech Stocks

Biotech Stocks: Still Positioned For More Gains

Sharp market correction triggered by interest rate concerns creates opportunities Market transitions into a more typical rally and pullback mode, with a continued firm uptrend Biotech stocks are experiencing ~ Biotech Stocks

Biotech: The Gates Begin To Open

Biotech sector starts off the year strong with multiple acquisitions and partnerships, beginning to usher in the long-awaited M&A boom. Furthermore, unlike last October, earnings season this time
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Biotech Bonanza: A Key Piece Falls In Place!

September 07, 2017 Biotechnology begins to lead the market Acquisition sparks a rally in biotech stocks FDA drug approvals pick up pace Elevated broader market risk during September and October - Biotech Stocks

Biotech Bonanza: The Next Leg Up for Biotech Stocks!

July 26, 2017 FDA's new focus on accelerating drug approvals creates a valuation enhancing environment Sentiment change with the approval of innovative life-saving drug class targeting cancer Earnings season to
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Positives and Momentum Build for Biotechnology!

March 14, 1017 Trump nominates Scott Gottlieb for FDA Commissioner Appears to settle debate on regulation gutting vs streamlining. Medicare pricing negotiation appears to be not on the table. Big
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Biotech Bonanza: Breaking New Ground!

March 06, 2017 Biotechnology sector finally recorded a 52-week high, lagging the broader market by 8-months Early stages of the rally, with multiple reasons to drive further highs in the
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Biotechnology: Ready for New Highs!

February 09, 2017 Biotechs and pharmas remain under the cloud of uncertain policy But recent developments increase confidence on the regulatory front Sufficient biotech sector drivers now exist to create

Yellen & Clinton Combo To Take Stock Market Higher

SEPTEMBER 29, 2016 Chair Janet Yellen delivers an unchanged monetary policy soothing the market. Hillary Clinton appears to regain her footing in the presidential elections soothing global markets. Technology earnings
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Biotech Stocks: No Easy Way Out, But Almost There!

SEPTEMBER 15, 2016 Difficult year for Biotech stocks so far with the sector down -17% YTD Fundamentally the biotech sector is gaining strength Meaningful policy clarity to be achieved in

Is Biotechnology Finally Ready To Move Higher?

JULY 25, 2016 Broader market rally to new highs has raised the probability of a Biotechnology breakout. After a nearly 6-month trading range consolidation, the sector appears poised to make
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Biotechnology – The Perfect Yo-Yo

JULY 06, 2016 The Biotechnology Sector Has Been Range-bound this year. Conditions for a move higher were optimal, till Brexit happened. The generally positive stock market backdrop can help the

Brexit Doesn’t Mean An Exit On Stocks

June 30, 2016 One thing that became certain after the British referendum favoring an Exit from the Eurozone, popularly referred to as Brexit for "British Exit," is a shifting of the
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Biotechnology: Entering A Pocket Of Turbulence

The biotechnology sector performed strongly during March and April. Some sector-specific and market-related factors are clouding the positive narrative of the Biotechnology sector. Even though near-term caution is advisable,
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Biotechnology Stocks Poised To Move Higher!

MARCH 28, 2016 The Biotechnology sector has not participated in the recent market rise for reasons which are losing their grip We believe the process of bottoming out has occurred,
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Don’t Go Chasing The Market Lows!

JANUARY 15, 2016 Don’t Go Chasing Market Lows … they just keep getting lower! Biotechs represent a sector with tremendous potential. At the same time, it’s a highly volatile sector and quite
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Biotech Stocks Can’t Be Ignored!

DECEMBER 2015 Biotech is a sector that has outperformed the market meaningfully over a market cycle The general perception of the sector being highly risky overlooks a portfolio approach as well as